CentricMinds Drive

Google Drive Integration

How to connect CentricMinds Drive to Google Drive, and automatically sync your files so you can access and use them from one location.

Video Transcript

In this training session, we’re going to cover off how CentricMinds Drive, the native document management environment within CentricMinds, integrates with Google Drive.

First, you will need to connect CentricMinds with your Google Drive account.

We won’t cover these steps in this training video, however, the steps are provided on screen for you to follow.

The result of following these steps is that you’ll be able to cut and paste the J-S-O-N key (pronounced JASON) from your Google account panel, and paste this JASON key into the window displayed on screen.

Saving this configuration will connect your CentricMinds Drive with your Google Drive account.

If we navigate to CentricMinds Drive, we can see there are some files.

But let’s choose the ‘Design’ folder.

We can see the Design folder is currently empty.

For this training overview, we’re going to link an existing Design folder within Google Drive to this Design folder.

If we navigate to our Google Drive and click on the Design folder, we can see it contains all of these files.

Let’s go back and edit the Design folder in CentricMinds Drive.

We’ll click on the pencil icon of the Design folder to modify it.

You can see here that we can insert a Google Drive folder ID.

This enables CentricMinds to synchronize folders directly from Google Drive with CentricMinds.

The folder ID of the Design folder in Google Drive is located here, displayed in the U-R-L.

We just want to copy this code.

And then paste it into this field.

Just save the changes for the synchronization to take effect.

Now when we click on the Design folder, CentricMinds will display all of the files stored in the Design folder within Google Drive.

Once files are synchronized with CentricMinds Drive, we can then add ‘tags’.

Let’s add ‘Design’ as a tag.

And in this example, we’ll add ‘Manufacturing’ as a tag.

You can see that these images are already tagged with Manufacturing.

Now if we click on the tags.

It will display everything in CentricMinds Drive that is related to this tag.

If we go into the Operations folder, we can see there are PDF’s that are also tagged with Manufacturing.

Clicking on the Manufacturing tag will display everything in CentricMinds associated with this tag.

If we choose the Google Drive results, it will display those files that are also tagged with manufacturing, but where these files originate in Google Drive.

Going back to the Design folder, we can preview the files that have been synchronized from Google Drive by clicking on the title.

We can preview the contents of the PDF.

Any images you click on will display the image in the browser.

And for any Google Docs or Sheets, if we click on the title, it will fetch the document from your Google Drive and display it in the browser.

In revisiting what has been covered in this training session, we have connected CentricMinds Drive with a folder in your Google Drive account, have synchronized this content into CentricMinds and then we’ve added tags and previewed the Google content.