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Find out how to stay in touch with your team using CentricMinds' mobile app. Use the ‘My Activity Panel’ to get a quick overview of all the activities you're involved in, including posts, tasks, & events. Include files, images, and your location in your discussions. Use the Team Directory to find team members and stay up to date on internal communications posts such as news and announcements.

Video Transcript

Mobile App Overview

In this video, we’re going to take a look at the CentricMinds native app for iOS and Android.

All you need to log into the app is the U-R-L of your site, and then your username and password.

CentricMinds also provides the ability to deploy the app via a Mobile Device Management, or ‘M-D-M’ solution, if your company has one implemented.

In this example, we’ll log in as Chloe Bracks.

When users log into the app, they are presented with the Dashboard.

The dashboard displays a range of activities.

The ‘My Activity’ panel provides a snapshot of activities that involve you.

The panel displays what Notifications you’ve received, Posts you’ve created and if you have any Tasks or Events that need your attention.

The ‘Internal Comms’ will present communications for users to access, and will filter them based on which groups the user is associated with.

CentricMinds can push Tasks to users to complete via the app.

You can also notify users of Events.

At the top of the screen, if we tap on Chloe’s photo the app will reveal her contact and organizational information.

Tapping on the photo icon at the top will enable Chloe to take a selfie using her phone.

This selfie will be used to display Chloe’s profile within the Team Directory.

If users don’t want to take a selfie, they can choose an avatar to display instead.

If we now tap on the ‘hamburger’ icon in the top left, this will display the app navigation.

The CentricMinds native app provides the following menu items.

The Dashboard as we’ve just explored.

Pages allow you to browse and view the pages within the CentricMinds site.

Resources will display the folder hierarchy of CentricMinds Drive.

Tapping on a folder will display the files located within that folder.

Discussions enable users to post comments that can support rich media, and also conduct real time chat.

The Team Directory enables you to view all of your team members and view their contact information.

Events enable users to view and access Events created by other users.

CentricMinds enables you to create and push Tasks to users, which they can view and action from within the app.

Internal Comms will present communications for users to access and view on their phone.

Finally, Settings allow users to personalize their own Dashboard.

Tapping on ‘Configure your Dashboard’ enables users to decide what functionality to display when they log into the app.

You can also tap, hold and drag the ordering of Dashboard functionality as well.