Web Content Management

Add or Modify Pages

Managing your web content shouldn't be difficult. We've made it very simple. Learn how to edit and manage content directly inside the web page. You can create new web pages in a snap.

Video Transcript

In this training session, we’ll be creating and modifying pages in CentricMinds.

Within the site, we can navigate the top level navigation here.

If we take a look at a page in the site, we can see this is a typical page containing web content.

Depending on your permissions, you can click the ‘Edit’ icon, and jump straight into editing this page.

Based on your permissions, you may have the ability to edit the web content and even add new content controls to the page.

In this page, if we click the pencil icon, we can jump in and start editing this content.

We’ll cover creating web content in a separate training session.

Now we want to add a new page to the ‘Activities’ section of the site.

So we click on Activities, it takes us to the top level page.

This template is setup to list the pages under the Activities section.

At the top, there are three icons.

Page Settings

Page Details

And Actions

If we take a look at Actions.

We can add and remove child pages.

And preview the pages across both Tablet and Mobile.

If we look at the Page Details, we can see that we’re on the Activities page and we can look at the key information about this page. 

This includes page history, like when versions of the page were created and modified.

Page Settings let you control key information about this page.

The Page Title.

Page Metadata.

The template used to present the page.

Page Scheduling.

And Page Permissions. Who can access and view the page.

We want to ‘Add’ a new page to Activities.

We’re going to call this page ‘Communications and Media’.

So we’ll add a ‘Child’ page.

And give it a title. And a description.

We then click ‘Add’.

We can see the new page has been added to Activities, and is called ‘Communications and Media’.

There are a couple of ways in which you can now manage this page.

You can choose to add web content.

You can also preview the page as you build it.

And you can also change the settings of the page, as described earlier. 

So we’ve covered the steps in building a new page. Now we’ll publish the page.

We have two options.

We can ‘Publish’ the page, or we can ‘Save Only’.

We can also notify people or different groups that this new page has been published.

We can also choose to add version comments, if you need to capture notes about why the page was created.

You can also choose to collaborate on the page with a different author.

Let’s just publish the page.

And now if we exit Edit mode, and refresh the site.

We can now view the new Communications and Media page.