Google Workspace Integration


Integrate with your Google Workspace, synchronize content and present team profiles.

Video Transcript

Over the next few minutes, we’ll go through the steps of connecting CentricMinds with your Google Workspace.

The first step is to log into CentricMinds, using Google.

Google will present to your existing Google Account. You can choose which account you’d like to use when accessing CentricMinds.

Once authenticated, you’ll be presented with the CentricMinds Intranet.

For this video, we’re going to connect with an existing Google Drive folder.

Clicking on Drive will present the native CentricMinds document management system.

The process is simple. You can link Google Drive folders with CentricMinds Drive folders.

This allows you to share your Google content in a variety of ways, using CentricMinds.

We’ll cover off an example shortly.

Let’s open our Google Drive.

We’ll open the ‘Onboarding’ folder.

We’re going to synchronize these into CentricMinds Drive.

Inside we can see a collection of images, a Google Sheet, Google Doc and a Google Slide.

From within CentricMinds Drive, we’ll choose to edit the existing folders.

Now we’re going to create a new folder called ‘Employee Onboarding’.

Below we’re going to link this new folder to the existing ‘Onboarding’ folder within Google Drive.

This will allow you to map the contents of this folder with our new ‘Employee Onboarding’ folder in CentricMinds.

Creating the integration is simple. Simply open the folder in Google Drive that you want to synchronize with CentricMinds.

And then simply highlight and cut the end of the URL as demonstrated.

We then paste this into the Google Drive Folder field as displayed.

Clicking on ‘Add’ will create the new synchronized folder.

The new Employee Onboarding folder now appears, and we can click hold and drag it to the top so we can access it more easily.

The new ‘Employee Onboarding’ folder now appears within the folder list.

Clicking on the folder will now display the files from within your Google Drive.

Clicking on the title will launch and display the document from Google.

Clicking on media will display in the browser.

Now that we’ve synchronized content into CentricMinds, we now want to use CentricMinds to present this content to different audiences.

We published an ‘Onboarding’ page earlier in CentricMinds and it’s currently empty.

If we enter ‘edit mode’ and then choose to edit the Content Listing control within the page, we’re going to configure CentricMinds to present files that reside within the ‘Employee Onboarding’ folder.

We’ll choose just ‘Files’ to display.

Ensure the Title, Description and Date are selected.

Now within ‘Metadata’, we’re going to select the ‘Folder’ element.

And for the chosen value, we’ll enter ‘Employee Onboarding’.

Clicking on the ‘Add’ button will create the new filter for the page.

The page now refreshes and displays the listing of content that has been synchronized from Google Drive.

We’ll now publish the page.

We can now preview the published page and view the Google Drive content.

Let’s now log out.

Now we’re going to log in as an Extranet user.

Perhaps an employee that is about to start with your company.

In this example, when Terry logs in, he’s taken straight to the Onboarding landing page.

From here Terry can access the content we’re prepared for him to review, ahead of his first day in his new job.