Forms Management

Create Form

Learn how to create and add an online form, such as a simple survey, to a web page.

Video Transcript

In this training session, we’re going to cover the steps in designing and building a new form in CentricMinds.

First of all we want to decide where we want our new form to appear on the site.

In this example we’re going to add a form to the Communications and Media page.

The way we build a form is we first enter edit mode.

And then within the page we decide where we want the form to appear.

We do this by clicking on the CentricMinds control icon.

This will launch the CentricMinds control library and display all of the different types of controls that are available for embedding inside a page.

We’re going to focus on the form control.

Choosing the form control will load and display the configuration panel.

We won’t cover off all of the options here.

We’ll simply scroll down and click save.

Once we click save, the form control will appear within the page.

Clicking on the pencil icon will present the form stage. This is where we start building a new form.

First, we’ll give the form a title.

Let’s call it ‘New Comms Survey’.

Next, we’ll start with building a simple survey. And we’re going to start with adding a question.

We’ll click on the stage and choose to add a Label form element.

We’ll pose a question for the user - ‘Where should we spend our 2021 marketing budget?’

Once we’ve created the label we just click, add.

You can see that we’ve added the label to the stage.

Clicking and holding on the arrow icon allows us to move fields around the stage.

We can also choose to edit the field at any time.

We can also choose to delete the element from the stage as well.

Now that we have a question for our survey, we’ll provide the user with three options.

We’ll use radio buttons for the user to choose from.

Let’s start with ‘Google’.

And we’ll choose to add this to a family of radio buttons.

And we’ll call this family, ‘marketing’.

So there’s our first radio button.

We’ll add another one, and we’ll call this ‘LinkedIn’.

And we’ll add it to the existing family called ‘marketing’.

This step instructs CentricMinds to group these radio buttons into one collection which can be validated.

And finally we’ll add a radio button called ‘Facebook’.

Once we’ve added these three radio buttons, you can see our survey is taking shape.

We’ve got a question, and we give the user three options to choose from.

We’ll finish off with a submit button so a user can submit the form.

So a very simple form, in this case a survey, but essentially the steps we’ve taken to build this survey are the exact same steps you will take in building any type of form. In fact you can design and build any type of form using these form elements.

Now we’ll scroll to the bottom and click, ‘Save’.

When the page refreshes, we can see our new form on our page is already to go.

Let’s click publish, to publish the page.

Then we’ll exit edit mode, and refresh the page.

After a moment when the page is published, you can now see that our new form is ready for use.

In the next video we’ll show you how we can capture form data and control it within CentricMinds.