Task Management

Create Tasks & To Do's

Organize and keep track of tasks, and receive progress updates on percentage completion. Make and manage tasks and to-do lists. Create a new group and invite new users to join so they can log in and complete tasks.

Video Transcript

In this video we’ll cover Task Creation and Management.

Tasks are managed using three views;

  • To Do’s
  • To Manage
  • And, All Tasks

Before we start creating new Tasks, let’s first start with creating a new Group and a User.

We’re currently logged in as Chloe Bracks who is an Administrator.

So let’s create an external group and invite a user into the site to complete a new Task.

Let’s go to ‘My Team’.

Then click ‘Groups’.

And let’s create a new group called ‘External Suppliers’.

Within the Site Permissions, we’re going to setup and allow people in the ‘External Suppliers’ group only access Tasks.

In addition, we want these users to view and edit the Task Template.

By giving them editing permissions, they can complete Task actions like completing online forms or downloading documents.

And we want these users to access and view the log in page and their own account.

We’re not going to set any document permissions.

Because in this scenario, we only want external users to complete Tasks.

And for the Landing Page, we want to take these Users straight to the Task Dashboard.

Now that we’ve created this External Suppliers Group, we’re going to create a new User and invite them to log in and complete a Task.

We’ll create a new User called ‘James Anderson’.

We’ll add an email address.

And we’ll set them to be a Site User.

We’ll add them to the new Group we just created called ‘External Suppliers Group’.

And we’ll click ‘Add’.

We can see that James Anderson is now listed as a User.

And the icon tells us that James has been sent an invitation email to join the site.

While we wait for James to receive the email and log in, let’s now go and create a new Task for James to complete.

One of the Tasks we want Users within the External Suppliers Group to do is complete an online form.

We’ve already created a form called the ‘On Site Safety Confirmation’ form.

So let’s preview that and you can see that it will pre-populate the External Suppliers name.

It will ask which site they are working in.

It will ask them to check a check box to confirm they have read and understood the safety information.

So let’s view the site.

And let’s go to Tasks.

And we’ll create a new Task by clicking ‘Add a Task’.

We’ll give it a Title, ‘External Safely for Suppliers’.

For the Description, we’ll add ‘Suppliers must complete the on site safety form’.

In this example we’ll assign the Task to the new User, James Anderson.

And we’ll click ‘Add’.

Now you can see we’ve setup a new task named ‘External Safety For Suppliers’.

The managers are Chloe and the person we’ve assigned the Task to is James.

So now we’ve added a new Task.

Let’s now create a new ‘To Do’ for James to complete.

We’ll call this ‘On site Safety Confirmation Form’.

Let’s set a Start Date of Today.

And the end date will be next Tuesday.

And we’ll add a Description, which can be ‘On site form to be filled out’.

Then add an instruction.

Please complete the following on site safety form.

Now we can set a priority for the Task. We’ll choose ‘Regular’.

Task Type lets you categorize the Task. We’ll choose ‘Safety’.

We can then attach files for James to read through.

Then we could have him check the check box to confirm he has read and understood the information.

But the only Task we want completed is for James to complete the on site safety form.

Now we can assign individual users to complete the Task.

But in this example we’re going to assign everyone in the Group to complete the Task.

And we’ll choose our new ‘External Suppliers’ group.

And of course James is a member of this Group.

Anyone now assigned to this group will need to complete this Task.

Within the To Do menu, we can now see the ‘On site Safety Confirmation’ Task appear.

Let’s now log out.

And if we look in our in box, we can see that James has received the email invitation.

From the link, he can create a Password.

And when he logs in, CentricMinds will redirect him straight to the Task Dashboard.

Within notifications, James can see the new notification from Chloe asking him to complete a new Task called the ‘On site Safety’ form.

When James clicks on the Task, it will take him to the form.

It displays the Description.

The form has pre-populated his name, and all James has to do is complete the other fields.

So we’ll select that James is working in the Northern region.

And check that he’s read the on site safety information.

And we’ll click ‘Submit’.

So now James has completed the To Do item.

And we can see that it’s turned green to highlight that James has completed his Task.

If we now log back in as Chloe Bracks.

And go to Tasks.

We can now see that the Task process is 100% complete.

Clicking on the Task, we can view the details and see that James has completed the form.

We can view the completed form.

Just navigate to the Form Panel.

And click on Form Submissions to see that the On Site Safety Confirmation has been completed by James.

That’s an overview of how you can create a Task.

Create a To Do item.

Create a new Group.

And invite a new User to log in and complete the Task.