Administrator Profile

Take a tour of some of the advanced features of account management for administrators. Learn how to create new users and groups, set permissions and even connect CentricMinds to services like Google Drive, Google Directory, Google Calendar, Microsoft 365, or even Salesforce.

Video Transcript

In this training session, we’re going to look at some advanced features of account management that are available only to administrators.

In addition to My Profile and My Activity, we also have My Site.

My Site allows administrators to change the branding and color scheme of the site.

If we edit the global style, we can see you can change the branding.

You can change the color of the navigation, the links, and the buttons that define the user interface.

My Plan is where you can change the plan of your subscription. If you have CentricMinds deployed for your enterprise, then his plan won’t be displayed.

My Team is where you can create and manage new Users and Groups.

You can see here all the Users who are setup within this site.

And these are the Groups that are setup for this site. If we choose a Group, we can see the associated Users within the Marketing Group.

Within Groups, we can set permissions and document permissions and even set a landing page so when Users in Marketing log into CentricMinds, they’ll be taken to a particular page within the site.

Let’s go and create a new Group.

We’ll create a Group called ‘Management Team’.

Here is where you can setup assigning Users to the Group.

We’ll add some existing Users.

Let’s add Terry.

You can setup Site Permissions, so we want people in the Management Team to access the home page, access and edit the Internal Comms page and view Drive.

We also want them to Edit their own Account and Login.

Within document permissions inside Drive, we want the Management Team to access and edit the Finance, Development, Operations and Marketing folder.

If you wanted to, you could set a landing page. In this example, we’ll set the home page as the landing page for the Management Team.

Once we’ve defined the new group, we’ll scroll down and can see the Management Team has one User now associated with it.

Let’s go and create a new User.

We’re going to add a new User called ‘Jenny James’.

We’ll give her a Username.

And enter an email address.

We want to set the account to be ‘Active’.

Now, when Jenny receives the invitation email, her account will be activated.

We want to make Jenny an Author and Approver.

And we want to add her to the new Management Team Group we’ve just created.

And under Department, we’ll choose ‘Operations’.

You’ll now see that Jenny James appears in the list of Users, along with a red icon that indicates that the invitation email has been sent to Jenny.

If we go to our Email inbox.

You’ll see we’ve got a new email.

The email invites Jenny to log into CentricMinds.

Clicking on the email link will ask Jenny to create a new password.

So let’s log out as the current User.

And here, we’ll create a new password as Jenny.

And when Jenny now logs in, she has access to the home page.

But within Drive, Jenny can only view folders she has been given permission to.

Jenny can also publish Internal Comms.

Let’s log back in as the Administrator.

And navigate back to My Team.

You can now see that Jenny James has now logged in.

And she has been added to the Management Team.

Jenny can log in and upload her own profile.

If we look at the Team Directory, we can see that Jenny James has also been added to the Directory by default.

The last tab for Administrators is My Integrations.

My Integrations allows Administrators to connect CentricMinds to third party services like Google Drive, Google Directory and Calendar. You can also connect to Microsoft 3-6-5 and event Salesforce.