Team Directory Org Chart

The Team Directory and Org Chart makes it simple to find, learn and connect with people across your company. Learn how to make changes to your organizational chart, locate people in the team directory, and assign groups of people to different departments.

Video Transcript

In this training session, we’ll take a look at the Team Directory.

When we first view the Team Directory, CentricMinds will present profiles based on alphabetical order.

We can click on a Profile, we can view all of the key information about the selected Team Member.

We can browse the Team Directory by alphabetical order.

We can also search the Team Directory by name.

Now let’s take a look at the Organizational Chart.

We can browse the chart and see all the associated profiles within the different departments.

Let’s edit the Org Chart.

Within the list, we can click and drag to change the order of departments. You can also rename the departments.

We’re going to add some additional sub-groups to existing departments.

Let’s add ‘AP Group’ to Finance.

And within ‘Operations’, we’ll add ‘Sales Group’.

Now we’ll save changes.

And now we’ll see that the various changes we made are reflected in the Org Chart.

As Andy, if I wanted to go back to my profile and edit my departments. I can now choose one of those new departments and add myself to the Sales Group.

If I now browse back to the Org Chart, and choose the new Sales Group.

We can see that Andy has now been associated with the new Sales Group.

And that’s an overview of the Team Directory and Organizational Chart.