Take a look at how CentricMinds allows you to connect your team, content, and activities in this quick overview.

Video Transcript

In this video, we’re going to take a quick look at the out of the box intranet.

So let’s login as an Administrator.

And when we log in we can see that we’re logged in as an administrator called Andy Davis.

On the homepage of the Intranet. We have a carousel of news.

Other news articles.

  • Quicklinks
  • My Tasks
  • Discussions
  • Workflows
  • Events
  • And even a survey.

The key areas of the out of box Intranet include.

Internal Comms where team members with permission can post internal communications to share with team members.

The team directory allows us to manage users in the intranet.

It also supports Active Directory integration and Google People directory integration.

CentricMinds Drive is a native document management tool for storing and managing files in CentricMinds.

Forms tools let you design and publish forms.

And Activities manages things like Events, Tasks, and Workflows.