Task Management


Find out how to create a task. Add a list of 'to-do's.' Add people to a task and invite them to login to complete their tasks.

Video Transcript

In this video we’re going to take a look at Tasks.

We’ve logged in as Chole Bracks.

And we can see that Chole has three notifications.

Three other team members have each assigned Chloe a new Task.

Within the homepage, we can see Tasks are listed in the panel under ‘My Tasks’.

Tasks are also color coded, depending on their priority.

We’ll take a look at all Tasks.

And this takes us to the Task Dashboard.

And for Chole, all her current Tasks are listed.

We can see here the ‘Due Date’ for each Task.

If we click the first task which has been set with a medium priority, we can see that Beth assigned the task.

And we can see that Chole needs to review the new campaign and provide feedback.

If we scroll down, we can see the task has a link to a YouTube video.

And Chole needs to review the video and provide feedback.

So Chloe can enter ‘At beth travers, thanks for sharing the video’.

That all looks good, so let's go with that.

We just click send.

Then we just change the task status to ‘Completed’.

Now when we return to the Task panel, there are only two Tasks now remaining.

So let’s take a look at the ‘High Priority’ Task.

We can see that Angela set this Task.

And this Task is asking Chole to review some contracts.

So we’ll click on these contracts to download them and review them.

Once that’s complete, Chole would then type in ‘At angela aherns, thanks for sharing. I’m reviewing the contracts and will provide feedback separately.’

Click send to add that as a new comment on the Task.

And once Chole is finished, she can change the task status to completed.

So Chloe now has one Task remaining.

And if we return to the homepage.

We can see there is one task displayed in the My Task panel.

Now we’ll log out.

And login as Beth Travers, who is the Task Manager.

When Beth logs in, she can see that Chole has mentioned her on the task.

Navigate to Tasks.

Click on the ‘To Manage’ tab.

And we can see the task that Beth set up for Chole, and we can see it’s now completed.

And that’s an overview of how Tasks are actioned and managed in CentricMinds.