CentricMinds Drive


Take a tour of CentricMinds Drive. There's a lot more than just file sharing and storage. CentricMinds Drive is powerful document management.

Video Transcript

In this training session, we’re going to take a look at CentricMinds Drive, a comprehensive Document Management platform.

On the left we can see the current list of folders.

And corresponding files located within these folders are displayed on the right.

Let’s choose a PDF document.

Clicking on the title of the document will allow you preview the chosen file in your web browser.

Clicking on the arrow will expand the file details and we can view all of the information about the file, like it’s version and file size.

Under ‘Actions’, we can choose to download it.

We can also share the file. And also email it by entering email addresses.

We can choose to make the sharing of the file either public or secure, which requires the user we’re sharing the file with to log into CentricMinds to view the file.

We can check out the file.

And this also allows us to check the file back in.

We can change the title, the description, appearance, review and expiry date.

And we can delete it.

We can also add comments about the file for other users to read.

In this example, we can see there is only one version of the file, created by Andy Davis.

‘Bundling’ allows us to select files to download as a collection.

You can see here on the left that we can download all of the selected files as a single zip file.

You can search Drive.

Let’s search for ‘mobile’.

The search result will return everything with a reference to ‘mobile’.

You can also filter the Drive by ‘File Type’, and sort by ‘Title’ or ‘Date’.

And that’s a quick overview of CentricMinds Drive.