User Profile

Every CentricMinds user has their own profile. Update your profile photo and manage your social, workflow, and subscription notifications.

Video Transcript

In this training session, we’re going to review the User Profile.

Let’s log in as an Administrator.

Once we’ve logged in, you can see that we’ve logged in as Andy Davis.

On the home page we can see the News Carousel

‍Other News Articles

‍Quick Links

‍My Task


‍My Workflows


‍And even a Survey

A key area of the Intranet includes Internal Comms. 

This is where team members can create Internal Comms to share with team members.

The Team Directory allows you to manage users within CentricMinds.

And CentricMinds supports Active Directory Integration, and Google People Directory Integration.

CentricMinds Drive is the native Document Management environment for storing and managing documents.

Forms let team members design and publish forms.

And Activities manage things like Events, Tasks and Workflows.

Every user created in CentricMinds has their own profile.

Let’s take a look at Andy’s profile.

When we look at Andy’s account, we can see Andy can update his profile photo.

He can also manage his password.

Andy can view activities occurring within the site that involve him. Like notifications, links, posts and subscriptions.

He can edit his basic information.

Clicking on Edit allows Andy to remove himself from Departments, and add himself to others.

Andy can even update his Expertise.

Andy can also change his contact information, and even change the Time Zone for his account.

If we look at My Activity, we can see notifications that Andy has received.

From this location, he can manage his email notifications.

So for Social Notifications, he can set it to Never Send Emails, or Immediately Send Emails. Or send One Email Per Day.

The same applies to Subscriptions, Site Alerts and Workflow Activity.

Andy can see who has liked the content he’s posted.

He can also see pages that he’s liked throughout the site.

For Posts. Anything that Andy has posted, commented on in a discussion or page will all be listed here.

And we can see that Andy has these Subscriptions.

He can also add Pages to his My Links.

This lists favorite Pages, Files and even Events he’s added to his collection.

Users can share Pages and Subscribe to Pages.

And when Users mention you in their posts.

Your notifications will appear here, in your personal profile.