Internal Communications


Learn how to design, create and publish new internal communications to increase engagement and promote team activities.

Video Transcript

In this video, we’re going to look at creating a new internal comm.

If you have the appropriate permissions, you’ll be able to see this link on the right of your screen.

This enables you to design, prepare and publish new internal communications.

Clicking the link will present a standard looking authoring form.

Let’s start with using this online source, with thanks to Wikipedia for the source.

We’ll add a title, ‘Thoughts on New York City’.

We’ll enter a description.

Now for the article, we’ll just cut and paste some of this content from the Wikipedia source.

You’ll see that the editor gives us some options for pasting from an external source.

We’ll just ‘Control V’ to paste in this copy.

And pasting the source will retain all of the hyperlinks.

We’ll finish off with adding a break here to separate the paragraphs.

For our new Internal Comm we want to create a feature image.

To do this, we’ll click on ‘Add Media’.

We’re now presented with the Media Gallery.

This enables you to browse and select from a range of royalty free stock images.

In this example, let’s choose this photo.

And we’ll just insert that.

You’ll be able to see that it displays the image we selected.

At any time, you can choose to remove it. So we’re going to click on ‘Remove’.

If we go back into the Media Gallery, this time I don’t want to select an image from the gallery. Instead, I want to add my own image.

So we’ll click ‘Add Media’.

This is where you can upload your own media.

On the desktop, we’ve got some images.

And we’re going to add these one at a time, by just dragging and dropping them.

Once we’ve completed that, we can then select these four images and insert them.

Now they’ll appear as our four feature images.

Let’s remove them for now.

And go back to the Media Gallery.

You’ll see the four images we uploaded are now displayed within the general Media Gallery, so we can access them anytime for other Internal Comms we may wish to create.

The last option is to ‘Create your own Artwork’.

CentricMinds provides a suite of tools for creating your own original artwork.

If you want to create something customized to align with your brand.

In this example we’ll use a photo of New York.

And we’ll add some elements.

We’ll add a text box and make it our headline.

We might want to increase the size.

And we’ll make the headline read ‘The Big Apple’.

And we can move the text to any position.

We can change the font style.

Let’s just make the headline larger.

This is ideal if you want to create a set of custom employee communication campaigns that incorporate your brand attributes.

We’ll just go ahead and save that.

First, we’ll need to enter some information in the description field in order to save.

Click on ‘Details’

So we’ll just call this ‘The Big Apple’.

And we’ll save that.

Now you can see that ‘The Big Apple’ campaign artwork is available for use within the Media Gallery.

And we can insert that into our new Internal Comms post.

However, instead of inserting this new original artwork, we’ll go back and select multiple images from the Media Gallery.
Now we have four images associated with the new Internal Comm.

The next step is to choose which category this Internal Comm will be associated with.

We’ll select ‘Information’ and ‘Team’.

Next, we can schedule the Internal Comm.

Let’s publish the new Comm at ten thirty a.m.

You can also set an expiry date. This will remove the Internal Comm from the live site.

In this example, we won’t set an expiry date. So the Comm will continue to be displayed on the site.

In this video, we’re going to ‘Spotlight’ this new Comm on the homepage. This will promote the new Internal Comm on the homepage for all users to see.

The last step is to choose if we want to notify a group of users about the new post.

We can also choose to send a Push Notification to the group of users when the Internal Comm is published.

So, just to recap.

We’ve got a Title for our new Internal Comm.

We’ve added Media to display within the new Comm.

We’ve entered a body of copy.

We’ve tagged the Comm with categories.

Added scheduling.

And we’ve chosen to Spotlight it on the homepage.

The last step is to Submit it.

And now we’ve published the new Internal Comm.

We can see ‘Thoughts on New York City’ appears at the top of the list.

If we navigate to the homepage.

We can see the new Comm being promoted on the homepage.

If the user clicks on the hero image.

We can see that you can shuffle through the multiple images that were associated with the new Comm.

And that’s how simple it is to create Internal Comms using CentricMinds.