Forms Management

Submission Management

Learn how to manage the form data that gets submitted when users fill out forms in CentricMinds. Take a look at how you can display the form data in unique ways.

Video Transcript

In this training session, we’re going to look at managing form submissions that occur when forms are completed by users within CentricMinds.

We’re currently logged in as ‘Chole Bracks’.

Next, we’ll simply complete the form.

CentricMinds will display a simple ‘thank you’ message when the form is completed.

We’ll come back and complete the form again.

Because we’re in demo mode, we’re able to complete the form multiple times being the same user.

Now let’s jump into edit mode.

And we’ll navigate to the Forms panel.

We can see within the Forms Submissions panel, we’ve got two results from our new survey.

We can select a record and click preview to view the form. This displays the option the user selected.

There’s one selection for Google, and one for LinkedIn.

Now we’ll go into Submission Analytics and locate our new comms survey form.

You might remember when we build the form, we created a family of radio buttons that we labelled as ‘marketing’.

Here, we can see in the results panel there are two values, and again we can preview these.

So, as users complete the survey, all of the data will be captured here.

CentricMinds allows us to take this a step further, and present this form data in unique ways.

In this page we’re going to set up a new control from the form control library.

And this control is called the ‘Form Submission Display’.

This control will allow you to chart the form results using a graphical display.

So we’ve got the default form submission display.

Let’s give it a title and call it, ‘the results from our comms survey’.

And we’ll save that.

Now that we’ve added the submission display control, we want to configure it.

And this is where we can select a chart to display our form data.

Let’s select our form, and then select the family, ‘Marketing’.

Then we add the values from our form, so ‘Google’, ‘LinkedIn’ and ‘Facebook’.

So let’s add ‘Google’.

Then ‘LinkedIn’.

And finally ‘Facebook’.

CentricMinds provides a quick preview of what this captured form data looks like, including the data from the form itself.

So when we click ‘submit’, the control will chart the results as a pie chart.

You can see that the pie chart is color coded, based on the options selected by users.

We can see there’s one value for ‘LinkedIn’, and one for ‘Google. But nothing for ‘Facebook’ yet.

Let’s save the page by publishing it.

Now that we’ve configured the form submission display control, these controls in CentricMinds work together in real time.

So let’s navigate back to the form, and this time we’ll click on the ‘Facebook’ option and then submit the form.

Now, when we go to the survey results page..

We can now see the chart displays results for ‘Facebook’.

These controls can be used together to build more sophisticated forms and processes, like executive reporting dashboards, workflow monitoring and a whole range of other things – simply by joining controls together.