Page Management


Learn how to use the page repository, also known as the page panel, to manage, organize, search, and delete web pages.

Video Transcript

In this training session, we’re going to explore the Page Repository. Also referred to as the Page Panel.

All web pages created in CentricMinds are stored within a single location.

Once we’re in Edit mode we want to click on ‘Content’, and then navigate to ‘Pages’.

The Page Panel displays and lists all pages in alphabetical order.

The Communications and Media page we created earlier is located here.

All you need to do if you want to Modify a page, is to select the page. And then click on Modify.

This action will take us straight to the page, where we can then edit the page content.

We can also select a page, and Preview it. This enables you to look at how the page is presented on the site to users.

We can also select the details of the page which gives us all the data about the page.

It’s location.

It’s U-R-L.

What Text items are associated with the page.

When it was published.

And, the ability to manage security.

Change the page location.

And also review all of the previous versions of the page.

You can see we’re on version one point five.

But you might want to compare version one point five with the first version of the page.

You can select which versions you want and then click ‘Compare’.

Here we see a side by side comparison of the selected versions.

We can see that the very first version of the page contained no content.

And the current version one point five contains content.

You can also go back in time and compare versions of pages managed in CentricMinds.

The page panel itself allows us to ‘Search’.

Let’s put in a keyword.

And then search across the status of pages.

For example, you might want to search across everything that’s active, locked, in review, and pages that are about to expire or have expired.

The search result will display the page. Currently, there’s only one result.

We can also browse pages by their site hierarchy.

You can see that under Activities, we have our Communications and Media page.

You can also choose to ‘Copy’ a page.

Let’s choose to copy our Communications and Media page.

By default, it gives us the title ‘Copy of Communications and Media’ page.

Then you can choose where you want the copy of the page to appear within the site.

Let’s add it to the Forms parent page.

If we now view the site.

We can see the copy of Communications and Media page has been added beneath the Forms parent page.

We can also view everything that’s published by Date Modified.

So you can see here is our ‘Copy of Communications and Media’ page.

While we’re here, we might want to delete that page.

OK, we can see CentricMinds is telling us its currently locked.

So if we publish our Copy of Communications and Media page.

And exit Edit mode.

Now we can go here and view the details.

We can see that the page has been checked in. And the status tells us that it’s allowing us to ‘Check Out’ the page.

So now you can come here and delete the Copy of Page.

And that’s an overview of the Pages Panel, where you can organize and manage all pages created and stored in CentricMinds.