Internal Communications

Managing Categories

Internal communication enables everyone to stay informed and remain connected. Learn how to use categories to organize and manage your internal comms and enable security to limit who can view your comms.

Video Transcript

In this training session, we’ll look at managing the Internal Comms categories that are displayed here on the left.

Clicking on a category will display the internal comms that are associated with that category.

Let’s manage these categories. First, we’ll enter ‘Edit Mode’.

You’ll require authoring permissions to access edit mode.

 From the administration panel, go to ‘Site’.

And then ‘Metadata’.

We’ll cover Metadatain another video.

Click on ‘Thesaurus’.

Within the list, we want to choose ‘Communications Categories’.

Click on ‘Modify.

 All of the Interna Comms categories are displayed within the panel.

If we look at ‘Leadership’, we can see listed under Leadership is Leadership dot Roadmap.

All of the Leadership categories contain a dot and then a word. For example, dot strategy, dot success, dot values and dot vision are all subcategories of Leadership.

 Let’s add a new category.

We already have Leadership, Change, Information and Culture.

Let’s create a new category called ‘Announcements’.

We’ll use the same name for the ‘Display Value’.

 Other options enable you to set search visibility.

And setting security, so you can control who can see the Announcements category for Internal Comms.

We’ll just leave the mall as they are for now.

Click ‘Next’.

Then we’ll click‘ Save’.

 You can now see we’ve added a new category called ‘Announcements’.

Now let’s add a sub-category to Announcements.

Let’s add ‘News’.

So, we’ll add ‘Announcements dot News’.

And we’ll label this as News.

And we’ll save it.

 You’ll now see that we’ve created Announcements with a subcategory of News.

This metadata structure follows what is known as the ‘Dublin Core’ metadata standard.

Let’s save this and click done.

 If we now view the site.

And exit Edit Mode.

When we click on Internal Comms, we can now see the new category called Announcements with the subcategory called News.

When you now create a new post, you can now select if your Internal Comms is going to be an Announcement, or specifically a News Announcement.

 This training session provides an insight into how metadata is used to manage content authoring tasks. Metadata is covered in more detail in other training videos.