Page Management

Previewing & Publishing

Find out how to preview web pages on different devices, publish a page and notify your team members.

Video Transcript

In this training session, we’ll look at page previews and then publishing a page.

Once you’ve added content to your page, you can go to actions and preview how the page will look on different devices.

Let’s start with previewing the page for Full Screen Desktop.

We can view how it will appear on desktop.

If we choose iPad Pro, Portrait.

We can view how it will look on an iPad Pro.

If we choose the iPhone Ten Portrait.

We can see the mobile display, and how it will look on an iPhone.

And in this case because it’s a mobile device, we can see that the navigation switches to the mobile navigation display.

We also have templates for Generic Tablet and Phone as well.

Let’s take a look at the landscape view for Generic Phone.

This is how the page will display on an Android device.

Once we’re happy with the way our page displays on different devices, we can choose to publish the page.

We have options for publishing and saving only.

And then there are options for notifying people in particular groups.

This will instruct CentricMinds to send an email to people in Development and Finance about this new page.

We can also add Version comments.

For example, ‘This page has been updated following direction given by marketing’.

And this version comment will be stored here so that other authors can view when editing this page in the future.

You can also choose to collaborate with another author. This will send an email to Chris Dorman informing them that I’m sharing this page with them to collaborate on.

Let’s just publish the page.

And now we’ll exit Edit mode.

When we go to the homepage and navigate to the Communication and Media page.

You’ll see the page has been published to the live site.