Internal Communications

Like & Comment

How to use likes and comments to respond to an internal communications post.

Video Transcript

In this training session, we’re going to look at how users can ‘Like’ and ‘Comment’ on Internal Comms.

Let’s take a look at this internal communication. We can see the title, when it was published and who it was published by.

We can click on the link and view the profile of the author.

We’re currently logged in as Beth Travers. We’re going to leave a comment as Beth on this Internal Comms post.

We’re going to mention Chloe because she’s the author. We enter the AT symbol and the first letter of her name. We can see Chloe’s name appears. 

We’ll type a message. And then we’ll click send.

And we can now see that Beth has commented on Chloe’s Internal Comm.

If we return to the article, you can also choose to like an Internal Comm. 

We can see that we’ve already added it to ‘My Links’.

Which appears in my Quick Links. 

If we now log out and log in as Chloe Bracks.

When Chloe logs in, we can see within her notifications that Beth has liked her page and also Beth has mentioned Chloe in a comment.

If we navigate to the Internal Comm, we can see Beth’s comment below. If we wanted to, we could choose to like her post, or we could choose to click and add a reply.

This provides a quick overview of how to Like and Comment on Internal Comms.