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Create Workflow

Create automated workflows to make your processes run more smoothly without having to write any code. Find out how to create a workflow and set up notifications.

Video Transcript

In this training session, we’re going to cover the steps in creating a workflow process, and then associating the workflow process with a form.

Just to recap.

We’ve got the Change Request form.

And we’re logged in as Chris Dorman.

And the form is automatically populated with Chris’s name.

So we’re just going to complete the form.

And Submit the form.

If we now go to the form panel. And go to For Submissions.

We can see there’s our Change Request form.

We can select it, and preview it.

Now we want to be able to manage this form submission using a Workflow Process.

If we look at the current workflows, we can see the Workflow monitor.

There are currently no requests for Chris to review.

Let’s start with creating a new Workflow Process.

Let’s go to ‘Security’.

And then the Workflows panel.

First of all, we’re going to look at some groups that have been created.

And specifically, we’ve already got a group called ‘Workflow Approvers’.

If we click on this Group and view the Details, we can see that this Workflow Approvers Group has one user – Terry Dawson.

Currently, we can see that this Workflow isn’t associated with any Groups.

Using this Workflow Approvers group, let’s build a new Workflow.

If we click on Workflows, we can see there are two existing Workflows.

We’re going to create a new Workflow.

If we launch the Site.

We’re going to name this Workflow, the same as the Form. The Change Request Workflow.

Let’s click ‘Add’.

And enter ‘Change Request Workflow’.

There are some process type options, which we won’t cover in this training.

For now, we want to keep it as ‘Unanimous’.

And then we want to make this Workflow based on a Group.

And we’re going to choose the Workflow Approvers Group, and we’re going to add that.

By adding it, we can now see we’ve added the Workflow Approvers Group to this new Workflow called the Change Request Workflow.

Click ‘Next’.

We can now see that this Change Request Workflow has been created.

If we now select it, and view the Details.

We can see this Workflow now has one approver. Terry Dawson,

Now that we’ve build the new Workflow, we want to go back to the existing Form.

And this time, we’re going to click on the ‘Form Process Assignment’.

We’ll scroll down here to ‘Triggers’.

And now we’ll check the ‘Assign a Workflow Process’ check box.

Click the pencil icon to choose the new Workflow we’ve just created.

The Change Request Workflow is presented, and we’ll select it.

Now we just click ‘Add’.

Now there are some options once we’ve added the Change Request Workflow.

We won’t cover all of these now, but you can send custom emails to approvers and recipients to inform them that the Workflow has been activated.

We’re just going to ensure the Workflow Change Request has been applied.

Then we’ll click ‘Next’.

Then scroll down and choose to ‘Save’.

So now when we look at the Form Process Triggers, we can now see that this Workflow Process has been assigned.

If we now publish the page, and exit edit mode.

We’ll log out and log back in as another user. This time, as Chloe Bracks.

When Chloe logs in and sees the Change Request Form, it looks exactly like the form presented to Chris.

Because we’re logged in as Chloe, we’re going to fill out the form.

And then we’ll just submit the form.

Now we can see that a Workflow Process has been created for this Change Request.

If we go to the Workflow Dashboard, we can now see the pending table has a new workflow.

If we expand the Workflow Details, we can see the Workflow was triggered by Chloe and the Approver is Terry.

We can also see the Workflow is pending his review.

So Terry will receive an email to notify him there’s a new Workflow Process for his review.

When Terry clicks on the link in his email, he will be taken to this Workflow Dashboard.

Let’s now log in as Terry, and expand the Workflow item.

As Terry, we can action the Workflow by clicking on ‘Process’.

This action will display the form, along with the fields as populated by Chloe.

As Terry, we can choose to add Comments. We can also decline the Workflow.

We can also make any changes to the information entered by Chloe.

In this example, we’re just going to submit Chloe’s data.

The final step in completing the Workflow is to choose ‘Complete the Workflow’.

Now that we’ve completed the Workflow as Terry, there are no further Workflows for review.

Let’s now go into the Forms Panel.

And go to Form Submissions.

We can see there’s a new Change Request item.

If we select it and Preview it, we can view the information regarding the form.

We can also see that the Form Submission is complete as well.

Just to recap what we’ve covered in this training.

We’ve covered the steps in building a new Workflow.

We’ve associated the new Workflow to an existing Form.

And finally, we’ve run the Workflow and approved the Workflow Request as a Workflow Approver.