CentricMinds Drive


How to upload files to CentricMinds Drive and view images and PDFs in preview mode. Publish an external file, such as Google Docs or Sheets, so everyone has easy access to the information they need.

Video Transcript

In this training session, we’re going to cover publishing to CentricMinds Drive.

We can see that most of the folders currently in Drive are empty.

Let’s choose the ‘Development’ folder.

And all we’re going to do in order to publish is just drag and drop some images and video into the empty window.

This action will upload the images and video into the Development folder.

Now let’s add some documents.

The action will publish the documents and they are presented as well.

Once you’ve published some files, we can preview them directly in Drive.

Clicking on an image allows you to view the collection of images in the folder.

Clicking on the video will play the video directly in the browser.

Clicking on the title of a PDF will present the PDF for viewing in the browser.

If you need to publish external resources, you can click on ‘Publish a New Resource’.

Let’s go to a Google Docs source. Here we have an article on ‘Airbus’.

We’ll copy the Google Doc file link located in the address bar.

Now we’ll go back to CentricMinds Drive to publish.

Give the external link a ‘Title’, and a ‘Description’.

Paste in the link, and CentricMinds will automatically identify it as a Google Doc.

Let’s associate the external file with ‘Development’.

You can also add tags.

If we now go to the Development folder, we can see the new Google Doc link.

And that’s how easy it is to publish to the CentricMinds Drive.