Web Content Management

Manage Pages

Organize your web pages, re-order them or move web pages to another parent page using simple drag and drop tools.

Video Transcript

In this training session, we’ll step through how you manage pages across your site within CentricMinds.

In a previous training video, we walked through creating the Communications and Media page. This page is a Child page of the Parent page, Activities.

Activities contains a number of Child pages, and they are listed here.

We can see that Forms has Child pages too.

Let’s enter Edit mode.

And navigate to Content. 

And then to Pages, where we can see the Pages panel. 

This panel stores all pages that are currently published in the site.

At the bottom of the panel we can see an option called ‘Manage’.

Let’s click on it.

And now we can see a site map of the site.

If we expand ‘Activities’, we can see all the pages listed under the Activities parent page.

If we want to change the order of these pages, we simply click and drag a page to where we want the page to appear within the ordering.

So let’s change the ordering so that it displays as Events, Tasks, Marketing, Communications and Media.

Let’s save these changes.

Now if we look at the site, and exit Edit mode.

We can now see that pages are listed in the order we changed them to.

Finally, if we wanted to, we could move these pages to another parent altogether.

So let’s move Events and Tasks to sit within Forms.

Let’s enter Edit mode.

Navigate to Content, and then Pages.

And click Manage.

Let’s expand Activities, and then expand Forms.

Then we simply drag the Events page to the top of Forms.

And Tasks to the top of Forms.

And we’ll move the Leave Request page to sit within the Activities page.

Let’s save those changes.

View the site and exit Edit more.

Now, we can see that these pages have been moved around within the site navigation.