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Business Messaging via Discussions

See how teams can collaborate and connect. Set up discussions on any topic, such as projects, customers, or team wellness. Create discussions that are open to everyone or restricted to specific groups so that they can discuss project information and share files securely.

Video Transcript

In this video, we’re going to log into the app as Chloe.

When we tap on Discussions, we can see Chloe has access to the general discussions.

She also has access to both the Marketing and Product Development discussions.

If we take a look at the Marketing Discussion, we can view the current posts made by other users.

If we take a look at the Product Development discussion, we can see a similar view, but this discussion has more activity from other users.

We can tap to look at a location another user has posted.

We can also preview photos posted by users.

We can tap and like existing posts.

And we can comment on an existing post.

You can also tap on an existing users profile to view their contact information.

Let’s go back to the Marketing Discussion.

And this time we’re going to tap on the plus icon in the top right, and we’re going to post something new to this discussion.

The message panel will display allowing you to enter your comments.

The options below your comment enable you to attach different types of content and data.

Tapping on Camera, will allow you to take a photo or choose from your photo library.

We’ll add some existing photos.

So we’ve chosen to add four new photos.

Next, we’ll add a file to this new post.

We’ll choose a PDF from the Marketing folder in CentricMinds Drive.

Next, we’ll associate a map location with the new post.

We’ll type in ‘Bali’ for this example.

Once we’re happy with the location, we’ll tap on ‘Done’.

We’re ready to post, we simply tap on ‘Send’.

This will post your new comment and attachments to the Marketing discussion.

In this example, we’re not entirely happy with the map location, so we’ll tap on the Edit icon and edit the post.

We’ll tap on the Location icon and this will display the map again.

This time, we’ll enter the capital of Bali. Denpasar.

We’ll also remove one of the photos just by tapping on it, and removing it.

Then we’ll tap on ‘Update’ to post again.

We can now view the PDF we associated.

Pinching allows the user to enlarge and move around the PDF.

Creating content rich discussions with your team is simple using the CentricMinds app.