CentricMinds Drive


How to search for files in CentricMinds Drive, or narrow your results with filters. See how the highlighter tool locates all occurrences of keywords through a word document.

Video Transcript

In this training session, we’ll cover searching within CentricMinds Drive.

Let’s start searching for the keyword ‘Mobile’.

CentricMinds will return results.

Within the results, we can click on the ‘View as HTML’ icon.

This will highlight within the document the keyword we searched for.

Let’s try another search, and this time we’ll enter ‘A-350’.

This result returns a video, and some documents.

Clicking on the ‘View as HTML’ will highlight the keyword ‘A-350’ within the Word document.

You can refine the search.

Order by rank.

Search within a date range.

Or restrict your search within a specific department.