Page Management


Choose which web pages users can view and learn how to give them access.

Video Transcript

In this training session, we’re going to explore Page Security.

Within Activities, we have the Communications and Media page we created earlier.

We want to choose which pages users can view within the site.

We’re currently logged in as Chloe Bracks.

Let’s log out, and log in as a user called Tim Anders.

Once we’ve logged in as Tim Anders, he can view the Home page and the Marketing and Communications and Media page within Activities.

Tim has no access to other pages within the site.

Let’s now log out.

And log back in as Chloe Bracks.

Now you want to give Tim access to this Workspace page within the site.

To do this, you simply go to My Team as an Administrator.

And scrolling down, we can see that Tim is part of the Operations Group.

If you go into Groups.

When you view the Operations Group, you can see that Tim, Terry and Rachel are users within this Group.

If you now go to Site Permissions.

You can now see that users of this group only have access to view the Home page.

And within Activities, they can only view the Marketing and the Communications and Media pages.

So within Workspaces, we want to allow Tim in this Group to view Workspaces.

And there is also the Competitor Research Workspace we want him to view as well.

Once we’ve set the permissions on the page for the Operations Group.

We now log out as Chloe.

And log back in as Tim.

This time when Tim logs back in, he can now access the Workspaces page.

He can also view the Competitor Research Workspace.

This is a quick overview of how you can manage page security for users and groups.